What do we offer? 

Inclusive Consultation & Support in the broader sense

o   During school

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Self-determent life for all people with impairments – this is in demand by the UN-disability rights convention and its contracting states. Switzerland did ratify this right. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to enable every blind / visually impaired young person to participate in life in their local environment. In order to be able to do this, agreements are made not only with the person concerned, but also with parents, teachers, principals, school inspectors, department of school psychology as well as speech therapists/school psychologists, doctors and further specialists. The offer applies to compulsory schools, as well as all other types of schools beyond. Accessibility in the broadest sense is the principle of our services. Furthermore, B & U weekends take place within the framework of cooperation with other B & U institutions in German-speaking Switzerland, as these are important for intensive, extra-curricular learning phases.

o   In transition to vocational education / university

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The adolescents and young adults should be given the best possible support in formulating their interests and goals and in asserting themselves confidently with their blindness or visual impairment in the career selection process / study choice close to home. This includes advising everyone involved in the training process and cooperating with other specialist departments and specialist groups.

With everything, accessibility in the broadest sense is the principle of our services.
Furthermore, we offer sensitization/in-services for everyone involved in the transition or the training of young adults.

o   Orientation & Mobility (O&M)

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• Impaired vision can severely limit people with visual impairments or blindness in their range of motion, their range of motion and their mobility. This should be counteracted with targeted support (possible from kindergarten). Goals, content and methods depend on the type and extent of the visual impairment, as well as on other personal requirements.

• O&M lessons are given by specially trained specialists. The content of the lessons is closely coordinated with the students, the parents and the blind / visually impaired specialist educators.

o   Daily Living Skills (ADL)

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Due to the visual impairment or blindness, these people are not able to learn, or only to a limited extent, by means of observation and imitation. For this reason, it is fundamentally important to learn alternative strategies and methods. This alone enables people to cope with their everyday life safely and independently. The content of an ADL lesson can be, for example, dressing and undressing, eating with cutlery, workplace design, and more.

o   In-services parallel to consultation & support services

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For the educational staff of the different schools on site to prepare / accompany the work with blind / visually impaired students, as well as all other people in the vicinity. Specific questions about teaching and dealing with blindness / visual impairment should have space here.

o   Further in-services for companies and organisations

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Detached from (special) educational contexts, awareness-raising for dealing with the topic for companies and organizations (e.g. associations, non-profit organizations, church groups) is offered. This can take place as part of a company event, a group excursion, etc.

The aim is to get an impression of the challenges and possible opportunities within the company / organization for this topic in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. 
True to our motto: "Individually adapted solutions for inclusive settings in school and training - with humour, expertise and heart"